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Industrial Work Wear

I’m Arn Betteridge   (That’s me in the lower left image with a CAT D11 above).

The montage is just a sample of the projects I’ve worked on as an Engineer, Project Manager and even getting my hands dirty as an Operator in a career spanning over 45 years.

The point?

Together with my business partners I’ve helped set up our Industrial Work Wear Trade Centre here in centre of industry & commerce at Rutherford.

What sets us apart is the knowledge & expertise we bring to the market from real life experience over a lifetime of work in such a diversity of industries, using the very products we recommend and sell.

From designing, building & operating projects ranging from Power Stations, Aluminium Smelters, Coal Processing Plants, Coal Loaders, Mining Machinery, all over Australia & all over the World, to name just a few.

So when you ask our advice for what will fit your purpose you can rest assured our recommendations will come from the knowledge and having crash tested all the products we stock, from a simple Hard Hat to a pair of Work Boots, to a 6 in 1 Hi-Vis Jacket, and everything in between.

And you won’t find that experience anywhere else!

Syzmik Workwear

Stylish Functional Modern Value

Industrial Work Wear but not as you know it.

The Syzmik is produced by the same company that manufactures the world leading labels Biz Collection & Biz Corporates, our largest selling Corporate labels.

With a great range of modern & functional styles that are fit for all industrial applications from building & construction, to heavy manufacturing, process engineering and mining.

Streetworx by Syzmik

Workwear styled from the street

Syzmik release a streetwear range that is designed to look as good after work as it does on the job site.

DNC Work Wear

Huge range, great value, premium quality

DNC has become one of the largest industrial work wear manufacturers in Australia.

The range is comprehensive and amazing quality at unbeatable prices.

Bisley Work Wear

Iconic label as worn on hit TV show The Block

Leading Aussie work wear label as worn on TV hit show The Block.

Massive range to suit every size and style of person.

Comprehensive women’s styles as well as speciality ranges for heat, flame & electrical resistance.

Bisley features the ‘Real Men Wear Pink’ initiative that supports the Breast Cancer Foundation via the Pink Fluro range of shirts.

FXD Workwear

Streetwear for the job site

Look better than the project you are working on.

At home on the construction site or the skate park.

CAT Work Wear

Work Wear | Street Wear | Casual Wear

Iconic international lifestyle label CAT offer a range of apparel suitable for the job site or the cafe.

Steel Blue Boots

Whatever your Trade, We've got your boots.

Steel Blue stands behind the comfort and quality of our work boots with our 30-Day 100% Comfort Guarantee.

We were the first safety footwear manufacturer in the world that offered such a rock solid promise.

That’s how confident we are that Steel Blue has got the right work boots for you.

We all know that our feet help us get from A to B, but with every step they’re also absorbing up to twice your bodyweight in force. Any issues with your feet can throw your entire body out of alignment, causing pain and discomfort.

That’s why having supportive, comfortable, fit-for-purpose work boots is so important for your overall wellbeing. Happier feet mean less body fatigue and more productivity.

Steel Blue has developed our unique range of comfortable, lightweight premium work boots so you can enjoy better body health.