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Signature Clothing Privacy Policy

Privacy Act 1998 as amended by the Privacy Amendment Private Sector Act 2000

1. Collection
The personal information which is provided to Signature Clothing from our clients as part of Signature Clothing’s primary function is not and will not be made available for commercial purposes and is only used for the primary purpose for which it is supplied. We do not and will not ever release your information to a third party for any purpose whatsoever.

2. Use and Disclosure
The personal information supplied to Signature Clothing by our clients will be used only as directed by our clients and in accordance with the Privacy Act, and will not be used for any other purpose.

3. Data quality
The accuracy and quality of personal information is governed by the accuracy and quality of the data supplied by our clients

4. Data Security
Client Data is stored in files on a laptop computer that is removed from our business premises when unattended and stored in a dedicated safe whilst off premises. Data on our Computer is backed up to CD which is held securely in an offsite safe to guard against system failures and is overwritten every four weeks. Connection of portable computers to our system is not possible or permitted.
In addition to the above, Signature Clothing has a Staff Security Agreement which is designed to ensure that the use of the data shall be solely and exclusively to the agreed specific purpose or service.

5. Openness
Our privacy and security policy forms part of all our negotiations and contractual arrangements and will be made available in written form on request.

6. Access
A person can request access to personal information held by us about that person. We will permit access in accordance with the Privacy Act and National Privacy Principles. We will notify our client if any person has requested access to information about that person provided to us by our client.

7. Correction
Any personal information which is found to be inaccurate, incomplete or not up-to-date should be notified to us by our supplying client, and will be corrected as soon as we have been provided with the correct information by our client.

8. Anonymity
Where practicable Signature Clothing will maintain the anonymity of an individual in a database of personal information unless identification of an individual is necessary for the purposes for which Signature Clothing uses such information in accordance with the Privacy Act.

9. Trans-border Data Flow
Signature Clothing will not transfer personal information to any organization or individual in a foreign country unless the person to whom the information relates has consented to the transfer and the recipient of the information has a privacy policy similar to the National Privacy Principles.

10. Sensitive Information
Signature Clothing does not and will not collect or use sensitive information as defined in the Privacy Act. Should sensitive information be provided to Signature Clothing we will comply with the Privacy Act and National Privacy Principles concerning that information.

11. General
Signature Clothing will use its best endeavors to comply with its obligations under the Privacy Act and the National Privacy Principles to the extent that the Act and those principles apply to Signature Clothing’s Business.