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Do you require samples?

Signature Clothing is one of the only business wear manufacturers and distributors in Australia who will provide sample garments for customers to view, touch, try on and assess the quality, colours and fit.

It is a service we offer that stands us apart from our competitors both online and physical stores.

However, as with all service businesses, we have to trade off the cost of providing this service against the benefits of being the helpful business in our niche.

Our roughly 30 years experience has dictated to us that free sampling has resulted on many occasions  in non return, damage, loss and expense we have had to unfairly pass on to other customers.

So we have established a policy that meets both our customers needs and our business protection.

Sample corporate uniform

Our Sample Process:

We will send out the samples after payment of a security deposit on the apparel at a 40% discount to our RRP that will be refunded or credited from the subsequent purchase upon your return to us of the sample kit within 10 days of receiving it.

Please note, this is to allow the customer to view a garment style, fabric and finish, not a fitting event.

Refer to our Sizing Procedure below where the customer needs to try on for size for single or multiple people.

Where the customer does not proceed to a sale we will refund the customer upon successful return of the supplied samples to us, less our postage costs incurred in sending the samples out in the first place.

Where a garment is returned to us that is not reusable due to damage, staining, body odour, perfume, make-up, marking, tags missing, bags missing (where they were provided) etc, then we reserve the right to invoice for that garment at our replacement cost and refund any balance.

Sample requests are intended to allow the customer to view a physical sample to assess the fabric, style, cut and base sizing.

Where we do not have a sample in your intended colour and size in stock in our extensive showroom range we will supply the garment/s with one we have in stock in that size, if available, together with a fabric swatch in the requested colour.

If the customer has an absolute need to view the actual garment required, and we have to ship in from our manufacturers warehouse due to your specific needs. and the customer doesn’t proceed with a purchase, we will charge the 15% restocking fee that our manufacturer charges to us to return to warehouse.

Our Sizing Procedure:

Where a customer requires a sizing set for one or multiple people to try on for fit and to establish their correct size, it is on the understanding that the customer is proceeding with a purchase from Signature Clothing.

This means the customer has reviewed our quotation and has accepted our pricing and delivery schedule and is providing Signature Clothing with an email order or your purchase order.

If for any reason the customer does not proceed with a purchase after trying on a sizing set, we will charge a 15% restocking fee plus our shipping costs upon successful return to our business of the sizing set within 10 days.
Sample size set

Where a garment/s is returned that is not reusable due to damage, staining, body odour, perfume, make-up, marking, tags missing, bags missing (where they were provided) etc, that garment will be invoiced at our RRP and removed from the subsequent refund.

We will return that garment to the customer if requested and will deduct the postage cost from the refund amount.

We will not provide sizing sets for casual viewing without a confirmed purchase.