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Free Embroidery

Free Logo Embroidery Conditions

Signature Clothing provide 1 standard sized logo with a maximium of 9 colours embroidered on our supply of Corporate & Promotional apparel FREE of charge. Typically a standard sized logo runs between 2,000 and 12,000 stitches depending on overall size and % of area filled with stitches and stitch type. Where the required logo is of a substantially larger size, >15,000 stitches, we reserve the right to add a small surcharge for the variation. At all times this will be discussed and agred upon between both parties before the order is accepted where the artwork is supplied, or advised prior to proceeding if the artwork is provided at a date following the placement of order.
This will be noted on the order form & invoice as an embroidery variation.

Note: FREE logo embroidery is not included on Industrial Workwear sold in our adjacent Trade Centre or our online workwear shop The Shed Workwear. A standard sized logo will be charged at $7.50 per logo inc. GST on these garments. For bulk orders or ‘All of Business’ orders we will provide embroidery at our budget ‘Corporate Rate’.


Signature Clothing provides a 100% quality guarantee to Repair, Replace or Refund on any garment we supply where the garment is faulty due to workmanship or materials. Any garment supplied by the client for embroidery in addition to Signature Clothing supply will be at the clients risk. Whilst we take extreme care during the embroidery process, and guarantee the embroidery quality we cannot accept liability for damage to your garments caused by any part of the embroidery process.


Signature Clothing built its reputation for quality in the commercial embroidery industry and we offer a quality guarantee comfortable that we can meet and exceed the client’s expectations in this department. Embroidery done properly should be an exact copy of the original logo within thread thickness tolerances (0.4mm). In order to achieve a perfect result, the client needs to provide perfect artwork in a size and style that allows that result. Poor quality artwork, hand drawn sketches or fax copies will produce a result that may be compromised in terms of accuracy and detail. Likewise, copying existing embroidery will introduce design distortions.

A photo of existing embroidery is useful where our designer needs to recreate the design to have a similar look. Please include a ruler in the photo for size reference. Our design software has features that allow us to manipulate images and create artwork where an image is missing detail or distorted, however it is at best a guess what the true image was meant to be.

The basic minimum standard artwork would be to provide a hard copy like a Letterhead or Photo Print to be scanned into the digitising program.

The best result will be achieved where artwork is provided in a variety of electronic formats via e-mail attachment, CD, DVD, USB Memory Stick or Storage Card and the image is in a Hi-Resolution format. Images copied from a website or email are usually too optimised to scale up for artwork. Where you have no graphics package an image can be scanned into your computer.

Set scanner resolution to about 300 DPI and e-mail the file as an attachment with any detail instructions you may wish to add.

Computer artwork doesn’t always transfer from one to another in true colour so it is advisable to provide a PMS colour number where available.

Your print shop, graphic designer or sign shop should be able to provide this information to you.

Artwork Changes

An initial once off artwork charge will apply for each new logo or major modification to existing logo under the following schedule of charges:

Standard keyboard lettering from font list. $ FREE Horizontal, Vertical, Sloped, Circle, CW or ACW Arc. 100 standard fonts & 200 TrueType fonts.

Variations to standard lettering. Shadowing etc. $25.00

Small logo. 6,000 stitches $45.00

Medium logo. 6,000-9,000 stitches $65.00

Large logo. 9,000-15,000 stitches $85.00

X-Large logo 15,000 stitches $100.00

Large detailed Jacket Back or special $ Quote Usually bettween $65.00-$150.00

Modifications to existing logos $20.00-$45.00

Where the client provides an embroidery design already digitised there is no artwork charge.

Due to the rapid changes to technology and the exacting standards Signature Clothing sets as our benchmark we will normally take a copy of your existing embroidery file and return your original, then tidy up the digitised design data to improve drawing accuracy and stitch quality especially in the areas of tie in & lock off stitches to guarantee the integrity of the logo so it will never come undone during the wear & wash cycles.

This design manipulation is a service we provide at our own expense as a service to render you a perfect result and to protect us against importing faulty workmanship.

We are happy to provide you with a printed, e-mailed or SMS rendition of finished design in stitches for your approval.

The design data file remains the copyright property of the digitiser. The digitiser guarantees your design will not be used for any other purpose nor will the design data be released to a third party.

We pride ourselves on the quality of embroidery we provide having been amongst the leading pioneers of the computerised embroidery industry in Australia since 1989.

We trust you will respect our right to protect our competitive advantage in our industry.