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1. Do we sell direct to the public?

Yes, we don’t discriminate about sale size. Our business is structured to service all sizes of customer from an individual working from a home office through to a large corporation operating across the country or the world. We offer exactly the same level of service, value and range no matter what size you are, with personal attention from a dedicated stylist for every customer.

2. Do we have a minimum order size?

No, we supply one garment or one thousand garments with the same quality, style and service. We offer generous discounts as order size increases and will always package a deal when an individual is piecing together an outfit or outfits to complete a corporate wardrobe.

3. What is our normal delivery time?

Well it can depend on stock availability and order size. If we have the style, size and colour instore then delivery can be immediate.

Where a logo is to be embroidered on the apparel then we aim to turn around the order within one to two weeks depending on the embroidery operations workload.

Where there is a new logo to be set up for digitising for embroidery then we allow one week for that process from receiving suitable artwork to your approval of the logo sample for production.

If the apparel you order is going to be delayed due to backorder status with our manufacturers we will advise you straight away and agree on a course of action for that order.

4. You offer Free Embroidery! Don’t you just charge more to cover it?

Well, actually no! We have done intense price scrutiny of our competitors, as any business does, and although we are certain we are not the cheapest, (who wants to be that business?) we are well inside the average pricing our competitors are charging for the same or similar apparel, especially when you add their logo and set up costs on, our offering reflects true savings to you without compromising quality. We use our business size and strength to ensure we have advantageous  buying relationships with our manufacturers and suppliers so we are able to meet or better the RRP our suppliers set and subsidise the embroidery cost to us out of the savings we negotiate.

Free embroidery means Free to you, it is not free to us, however this enterprise was spun off the back of our region’s largest embroidery business with over 25 years experience using the world’s leading design software and the Rolls Royce of embroidery machinery.

By keeping the design and embroidery functions inhouse and partnering with our sister company in Sydney we are able to control our embroidery production costs tightly and so can gift it to you the customer and stay inside those RRP’s with every item we supply.

5. Do we offer a guarantee?

Yes, absolutely! We have always offered a 100% guarantee on everything we supply.

We will repair or replace any garment defective from any manufacturing fault or process and if that is not possible we will offer a full refund. See our page ‘Free logo embroidery’ for our guarantee conditions regarding embroidery on a customer supply item where we accept that garment for logo addition.

6. Do we have a return policy?

Yes, where a garment is to be returned under our guarantee just contact us for a Return Authority number and we will handle the return from there.

If a garment is to be returned due to any reason outside our guarantee provisions then we request you contact our sales team to discuss the reason for the return and we will take the appropriate action to resolve the issue. Our goal is satisfied customers who return to our business and are happy to refer us to their work colleagues, friends and family, so we will go out of our way to ensure any issues are handled professionally and to a successful resolution.

7. Do we post out catalogues?

In very limited circumstances, we may do, however as a base policy generally no.

Quite apart from our desire to not support the environmental cost that producing and shipping out heavy printed material has, as well as the financial effect that process would have on our competitive pricing.

A printed catalogue has a lead time from design to production, and is often out of date by the time it reaches distribution. For this reason we rely on the better alternative of having access to the latest catalogue issues online where you can access the latest styles, news and coming products.

All the online catalogues are available as downloadable PDF documents that can be printed in it’s entirety, by page or downloaded to your computer, tablet or smart phone for viewing, interactive information and sharing. Naturally we are happy to discuss your situation and requirements so if a printed catalogue is required then please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team on 1300 780 547 or by email at we will endeavour to work with you to reach a suitable result. There is a small supply of printed catalogues available to pick up from our showroom.

8. Do we send out or provide samples?

Yes we do, but we have guidelines.

We are one of only a few business wear suppliers/manufacturers who will ship out samples for the customer to view in their own office or workplace.

You can read about how to obtain samples on our Sample Procedure page.

This is always a difficult issue due to the nature of trying to ensure our customers are getting the most suitable apparel to meet their requirements without us having to provide and/or ship huge quantities of garments across town or across the country.

Our showroom is set up with over 1000 garments spanning the ranges of most of the labels we supply, in most styles and most colours. This allows us to give a level of service rarely found in our market niche.

Firstly, our sample supply is not a mobile showroom, we won’t ship a range for casual browsing.

IE: We will ship samples only after our quotation and conditions have been reviewed and accepted and we are ready to move to the viewing phase of the sale process.

Secondly, our policy works where a corporation or business is located out of our region and after establishing what the apparel requirements are.

Thirdly, past experience has dictated to us that free sampling results in non return, damage, loss and therefore expense we have to unfairly pass on to other customers. So to protect our investment we will invoice for sample product with a 40% discount to recommended retail price and receive payment for those samples provided, that will be refunded or credited from the subsequent purchase upon successful return to us of the sample kit less our postage costs.

Where the customer does not proceed to a sale we will refund upon successful return to us less the postage costs incurred by us and less a 15% restocking fee for providing you with the sample kit. Where a garment is returned to us that is not suitable to re-stock with our manufacturer for a credit or reused by us due to damage, staining, marking, tags missing, etc, then we will invoice for that garment at our replacement cost.

9. What payment methods do we accept?

We offer a range of payment methods that will meet every requirement.

Cash, cheque (subject to clearance where the customer is unknown to us), bank cheque, money order, travellers cheque, Visa, Mastercard, American Express (without surcharge), direct deposit to our bank, Bpay and PayPal.

Where a customer is unknown to us and wishes to use a credit card over the phone, email or fax we require a scan, photo or other identifiable image of the customer’s credit card together with another ID such as a drivers license, rates notice, utility bill, etc. where the customer’s name and address can be correlated and verified.

10. Do we provide accounts?

Yes we do for regular customers who have a trading history with us and who meet our credit application criteria.

We don’t provide finance that is your banker’s job, we allow trusted, qualified customers who are loyal to our business to have accounts so they may allow their accounts department to conduct transactions with us with ease and can arrange payments within our trading terms.

We do not provide accounts to any customer that has previously defaulted on us or where there is no trading record.

11. What are our payment terms?

All orders are required to be paid by any of the methods listed in Question #9 above before we will process the order. The exception is where a pre-approved customer account is held, where we will process the order immediately.

Our payment details appear down the bottom of all our invoices, quotes and statements.

12. Do we embroider customer supply apparel?

Yes, under a set of guidelines.

We are no longer a commercial embroidery business, we are a uniform specialist business who have inhouse embroidery design and production facilities.

Where the customer requires other apparel to be embroidered with their logo we may accept the garments provided they are an item that we do not supply in the normal course of business.

We will not embroider garments that are labels we have supply agreements with our manufacturers that is not purchased through us.

We guarantee the quality of our embroidery 100%, however cannot take responsibility for a customer supply garment that is accepted by us to add embroidery to.

Refer to our customer guarantee on the ‘Free logo embroidery’ page of this website for full details.

13. Do we embroider towels, gifts, etc.

Yes, we supply and embroider giftware, promotional apparel, bathware, etc, that we source from our promotional product manufacturers.

We generally do not accept customer supply items of this nature due to restricted machine availability for this style of work and the fact it is not our core business. In very limited circumstances we may accept an order for this style of job from a long standing customer that has a strong and close working relationship with us.

Please call, email or other contact before arranging the supply of items to us so we can determine if we have the capacity to process this order and if the customer meets our requirements before we accept or reject this work. We don’t wish to offend anyone so pre-approval is our best way of ensuring we are all on the same page.

14. Do we do Screen Printing, Dye Sublimation or Direct Digital Printing?

We have access to screen printers, dye sublimators and direct to garment digital printers that we work closely with when we need to outsource that service.

We do not have any inhouse service of this nature and we do not prepare artwork that is required for this service. If you require any of these printing services you will need to provide production ready artwork (your graphic design house, printer or sign supplier may be able to do this for you) or our outsource provider may be able to provide artwork services that they will charge a design fee for.

15. Why would I come to a uniform specialty business instead of just sourcing my uniforms from a fashion retailer or boutique?

If you are an individual operator requiring a single outfit, a fashion item may be entirely suitable for your needs, you will just need to take that apparel to an embroidery shop and have your logo added. Naturally you will pay full retail pricing for both the garment and the embroidery but it may very well meet your needs.

On the other hand, if you require uniforms for more than one person, a replacement garment several months later, a new start 3-6-12-24 months after original uniform supply, an apparel style that is manufactured to fit everybody from Women’s size 6-30 AND Men’s sizes X-Small to 7 X-Large then a fashion boutique probably isn’t going to be able to meet your needs.

Fashion items sold through department stores, retail boutiques, fashion retail chains and franchises are by their very nature fast moving with rapid design, fabric and style changes to meet the seasons. The shops rely on continual range change brought in on indent orders to entice buyers back into store for a repeat sale of new, fresh stock, it is how they survive and how they can always seem to have year round ‘SALE’ signs permanently displayed.

A uniform specialist can’t possibly run to this business model, it would be unsustainable for the following reasons.

We have to be able to provide apparel that meets service quality standards for longevity as it is generally worn every day so the fabrics have to have durability, and it has to be available not just for a season but designed for a supply run typically from 3-5 years.

When a business or corporation outlays for a uniform that reflects their corporate image they don’t want to have to change it every season because the style, colour or fabric is no longer available. They want to be assured that we can resupply the same identical garment in any range of sizes for years  to come so they get the value out of their uniform selection and we can advise them well in advance when a style or colour is due to be discontinued or replaced.

That said, with the competitive nature of the industry now and advances in technology, many manufacturers have restructured down to smaller production runs with faster turnaround times so that current fashion trends can be incorporated into new designs at shorter lead times.

Labels that we supply like Corporate Reflection and Biz Corporates have mastered this black art of new and more fashionable lines soon after the fashion retailers have released them.

They do a lot of research and Retail Therapy to keep up to date with current trends and fashions.

The other major consideration is the availability to fit out a business or corporation in styles, colours and fabrics for both male and female staff, a feature even the new Euro chains like Topshop and Zara, etc can’t do. Sure they cater for male and female, but rarely in the same garments.

And of course our premium labels like StyleCorp, Gloweave, Lee St John, Stencil, Sporte Leisure, James Harvest, Legend and Gear for Life are the uniform equivalents of the fashion houses Hugo Boss, Armani, Ralph Lauren Polo, Herringbone, etc. so you can rest assured that these labels represent the very best available for design, finish, and fabrics.

16. You call yourself a Uniform Boutique! Why?

There are many uniform stores in the market now, just Google Uniforms or search Yellow online  for a seemingly endless list.

Many are clothing stores that have a uniform offering, many are industrial workwear businesses that have a corner set up with a few jackets, some business shirts and blouses, some business trousers or pants and maybe even some dresses and separates if they have really paid attention to the market.

So the last thing we needed to do when we established this business was to do that.

We decided the market needed a whole new approach, so we packed our bags, traveled to Paris, London and Singapore and studied how the best fashion boutiques in the shopping capitals of the world did it and came home with a concept and a plan that we could give a better shopping experience in the marketplace we specialised in.

Our beautiful chandeliered boutique showroom reflects that style as well as stocking Australia’s largest display range of Corporate Uniforms under the one roof from all the premium labels in corporate apparel as well some options for when we have to meet a budget as well as a look.

17. Well what if I need Industrial Work Wear as well?

We thought of that as well so we spent 8 years planning the solution!

When we relocated to our current showroom location in 2009 we included it into our business plan to set up an adjacent Workwear Trade Centre in the adjoining shopfront.

A separate business unit was established with its own management structure that we could work with to achieve a common goal.

We already had the supply chain in place, all my partners had to solve was how to work that chain to gain access to the leading work wear labels like Worksense, Bisley, DNC, Syzmik, Catapillar (CAT) and Visitec as well as the premium footwear brand Steel Blue.

The resulting business was named The Shed Workwear and has a shop that trades 9-5 Monday to Friday.

18. What if I need alterations done or a custom fit for outsize?

We have the use of an alteration service that picks up and delivers back to us when minor adjustments to fit are required. These can be as simple as a cuff lengthened or shortened, a waist taken in or let out to sleeve lengths adjusted, etc. This service is run by an independent contractor and is charged out by us at the contractors invoice price, it is not a profit centre to us, just a service we use to work in with our customers’ needs.

Where a person/s size can’t be fit due to being outside the size range our manufacturers offer we can, in most instances, supply a length of the apparel fabric for the customer to take to their own tailor to have a custom garment made to fit. In most cases this has worked out for the person requiring the outsize as they are able to be custom measured and therefore get a garment that is both comfortable to wear and fits in with the customers uniform image.

19. Do we custom make garments for a unique image?

We have access to custom manufacture with a few corporate labels, with minimums from as low as 50 garments initially with 30 minimums for repeat orders. Please contact our sales team to discuss your requirements and we will work with you to find a custom solution.

Most sportswear/promotional labels have custom make options with minimums from as low as 100 items and we can make any number of custom designs with headwear with minimums as low as 144 items.

20. Do we offer a custom design service?

Well not exactly, we are a retailer who works tirelessly to meet the needs of most businesses requiring a corporate image.

But, because we have a long standing and close relationship with our manufacturers and they respect our leading position and longevity in this industry, they look to us for ideas, feedback and requests from our large customer base to use to formulate the new ranges each year.

We meet with all our major labels at least twice a year, some more regularly than that, to work with them to bring our knowledge from our customers to the table.

If you have a specific requirement that is not found in any of our suppliers and manufacturers catalogues please don’t hesitate to contact us with your requirement. It may be that what you require is a style about to be released, is in development or one we see the demand for that we can take to the manufacturers to add to their range. They are always looking for inspiration and having our customers as the designers is often the best way for us to bring new products to the market.