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60 seconds of style – The Corporate Polo Shirt

Corporate Polo Shirts

The Corporate Polo Shirt

How to wear the polo with style.

The classic polo rarely gets much affection or enthusiasm.
Not a Tee shirt, not a dress shirt the polo could be the perfect garment for your workplace.
It’s a great look for all seasons and all body types and if worn with style can take you from the work site to a meeting with a client.
Perfect for many workplaces when your day is busy, varied and on the go.
Corporate Polo Shirts
Even in terms of a casual everyday wear uniform, a cool breathable polo shirt is just as easy and comfortable to wear, but much smarter than the tee-shirt.
Upgrading your team from a Tee to a Polo will lift the professional look of your business.
How to step up the simple polo for a smart uniform look.

Polos come is a huge range of fabrics from cotton and natural fibres to the synthetic based fabrics.
There are many performance fabrics that are design for outdoor and sportswear, being cool, moisture wicking and most even have a sun protection factor built right in.
Polo Shirt fabric
Many of the natural based fabric come in an array of textures and fittings that can lift the polo from boring schoolish to professional and stylish.
Couple that with classy detailing such as button-down collars, chest pockets with button closures and contrasting fabrics the polo never looked so good.

The fit

When selecting a polo with a stylish look fit is imperative.
If you don’t nail the fit no amount of wonderful fabric will save your uniform from looking dreary.
Overall the polo should sit close to your body – fitted but not tight.
You should be able to pop a couple of fingers under the sleeves.
Polo shirt fit
Unlike retail polo shirts our polos come in ladies and gents cuts, often with a number of cuts for gents in particular so we can help you nail the perfect fit for any body shape or size.

The Buttons

Always have at least one button done up.
Having the buttons all undone will make your polo look sloppy and it will affect the way the polo sits.
Try not to do all the buttons up either, this tend to give a closed off and unwelcoming look.
Simply doing up one button can change the feel of your uniform.

The outfit

Consider what your staff wear with the polo you have selected.
It can affect the total look and feel of your uniform.
Coupling your perfect polo with whatever pants your staff have already can undermine your image making your staff look untidy.
It is important to set guidelines as to what can be worn with your polo to keep your uniform looking just great as you had planned.
How your polo is worn affect the way your uniform is judged as well – tucked or untucked.
Mens polo shirts
A modern well selected polo can give you many options in the workplace and across after departments.
Imagine you have selected a textured piqué polo.
Pair it that perfectly fitted polo tucked into a dark denim pant or chinos with boats shoes.
Now that same polo untucked and paired with khaki shorts and canvas sneakers, or for even greater professionalism, and pair with a nice belt and leather loafers.
The polo shirt is versatile and cost effective and functional for almost any workplace. Let us couple that with modern branding and you have yourself a uniform that you and your staff will love.


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